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Upcoming Events
°§Neo-Schumpeterian Economics of Catch-up by the Latecomers: Knowledge, path-creation, and the Middle income trap [2012-12-07]
°§Federalism and Foreign Policy: US, Europe, India °≠ and the Implications for China? [2012-04-01]
°§Innovation Indicator 2011 ®C a Benchmark Study of 26 Innovation-Oriented Countries [2012-03-27]
°§CIDEG Workshop: Environmental Governance for Infrastructure [2012-03-22]
°§Urban Transportation Challenges and Strategies & Governance of Finnish Nuclear Projects [2012-03-19]
°§The World under Pressure: How China and India Are Influencing the Global Economy and Environment [2012-03-06]
°§Social Policy in the 21st Century [2012-02-28]
°§The Challenges and Opportunities for Europe and China [2012-02-17]
°§Lecture: The Role of Universities in Regional Economic Development [2011-04-25]
°§Lecture: The African Neopatrimonial State [2011-04-15]
°§Lecture: Grassroot NGOs in US: History, Status Quo, Social Roles and International Comparison [2011-04-07]
°§The Sciences Po-Tsinghua Initiative for Public Policy [2011-03-28]
°§China's Mega-Events Moments:Looking Back at the Beijing Olympics, the Shanghai Expo, and the 2010 Asian Games [2011-02-21]
°§Lecture: The Transcultural Validation of Judgements about Institutions: Adam Smith Meets Confucius [2010-12-06]
°§Workshop£ļGlobal Governance: Asia and the New World Order [2010-12-02]
°§Seminar: An Analysis on the Short-term Sectoral Competitiveness Impact of Carbon Tax in China [2010-11-23]
°§Lecture: The Role of Bilateral and Multilateral Relations in International Politics [2010-11-15]
°§Lecture: The Sustainable Development of Multinational Corporations [2010-11-10]
°§Doctoral Seminar: Trends in Public Administrative Research [2010-06-18]
°§Administrative Reform in Government, Overview and Frameworks [2010-06-12]
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