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Papers And Projects
,MID 2008- Gutemberg Lopes Jr.'s business plan on anti-corruption published by the World Bank [2009-11-09]
,IMD World Competitiveness Report 2009 [2009-05-20]
,2008 Scientific research results: selected English publications [2009-04-13]
,Translating a Global Issue Into Local Priority, QI Ye [2009-04-09]
,China: The prizes and pitfalls of progress, XUE Lan [2009-04-09]
,China-US-Japan Trilateral Mechanism in Asia, CHU Shulong [2009-04-09]
,Corruption in Transitional China: An Empirical Analysis, Guo Yong [2009-04-09]
,Opinion Editorial by Prof. YU Qiao Published on Financial Times [2009-04-02]
,China: How one child was deemed enough, Chen Ling [2009-04-09]
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