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Faculty & Staff

Name Position Institute Research Area
CHEN Ling Assistant Professor Ph.D., Tsinghua University Science and Technology Policies, Governmental R&D Policies, High-tech Industrial Policy, Policy Process
CHENG Wenhao Associate Professor Ph.D., Yale University Public Administration, Government Innovation, Anti-corruption Measures
CHU Shulong Professor Ph.D., George Washington University Political Science and International Affairs (including political theories), International Relations, American Government and Politics, Chinese Foreign Strategy and Policy
CUI Zhiyuan Professor Ph.D., University of Chicago Political Economics, Political Philosophy
DAI Yixin Assistant Professor Ph.D., Syracuse University Science and Technology Policy, Environmental Policy
DENG Guosheng Associate Professor Ph.D., Renmin Univ. of China NGO Study, Accountability, Performance and Capacity Building of Public Organization
GUO Yong Associate Professor Public Governance, Anti-corruption Measures
HAN Tingchun Professor Ph.D.,Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Economic Growth Theory, Financial Development Theory, Econometrics, Financial Ecology, Investment and Financing Mechanism
HU Angang Professor Ph.D.,Chinese Academy of Sciences China Studies and Economic Development, Socialism Economic Theory and Practice
JIA Xijin Associate Professor Ph.D.,Peking University Civil Society and Governance, Citizen Participation, Strategic Management
LI Baoming Associate Professor Ph.D.Shandong University Game theory, Taiwan Economy and Economic Relations across the Taiwan Strait
LI Yingbo Assistant Professor Ph.D.,China Agricultural Univ. Regional Economics and Cross-Coastal Industry Cooperation
LIANG Zheng Assistant Professor Ph.D.,Nankai University Science and Technology Policy, National Innovation System, R&D Globalization
LIU Qinglong Professor Ph.D.,Tsinghua University Social Development and Policy, Government Public Relations
LIU Qiushi Associate Professor Ph.D.,Tokyo Institute of Technology Public Management, NGO/NPO studies, Social Policy
LIU Zhilin Assistant Professor Ph.D.,Cornell University Urban Policy and Governance, Housing Policy, Urban Social Geography, Sustainable Development, New Institutionalism Theory
MEI Ciqi Assistant Professor Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park Comparative Politics, China Politics & Government, Bureaucratic Politics
MENG Bo Assistant Professor MPA, Seattle University Public Administration, Human Resource Management, Managerial Communication
MENG Qingguo Professor Ph.D.,Tsinghua University Public Policy and Management, Science and Technology Policy, Electronic Government
MENG Yanchun Associate Professor Ph.D.,Peking University Marketing and Strategy for non-profit Organizations, Urban and Rural Planning, Regional Development
MU Ling Assistant Professor MA, Tsinghua University Public Budgeting
PENG Zongchao Associate Professor Ph.D.,Peking University Public Policy, Public Management, Comparative Political Science, Crisis Management, Election System
QI Ye Professor Ph.D.,State University of New York Environmental Policy
SHEN Qunhong Associate Professor Ph.D.,Nanjing University Innovation and Knowledge Management, Human Resource Management, Organization Theory
SHEN Yong Assistant Professor MA, Tsinghua University Evaluating Public Organizations and their Services
SHI Zulin Professor MA, Tsinghua University Economic Analysis, Environment Policy, Sustainable Regional Development
SU Jun Professor Ph.D.,Xian Jiaotong University Science and Technology Policy and Management, Public Policy and Management
WANG Ming Professor Ph.D.,Nagoya University NGO Management, Civil Society and Governance
WANG Qingxin Professor Ph.D.,State University of New York at Buffalo East Asian International Relations, International Relations Theory, East Asian Politics, and Confucian Political Thought
WANG Yahua Associate Professor Ph.D.,Tsinghua University Institutional Analysis and Public Policy, Water Policy, Environmental and Natural Resources Management
WANG Youqiang Deputy Dean Ph.D.,University of Maryland, Ohio University Public Economics, Governance in Public Sector, Leadership
WEI Xing Assistant Professor Ph.D., Tsinghua University Public Finance, Economic Development Policy in China, Local Governance
WU Yongping Associate Dean Ph.D.,Leiden University Public Economy, Government-Business Relations, Industrial Policy, Studies
XIONG Yizhi Assistant Professor Ph.D.,Tsinghua University Analysis of National Situation, Knowledge Economy and Public Policy
XUE Lan Professor Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University Public Policy and Management, Science and Technology Policy, Innovation Policy and Management
YANG Yansui Professor Ph.D.,Ghent University Public Policy (Social Security, Employment) and Legislation, Government Organization and Good Governance
YANG Yongheng Associate Professor Ph.D.,City University of Hong Kong Government Performance Evaluation, Service Quality Management, Regional Disparity and Imbalance, Socio-Economic Planning Theory and Practice
Yin Chengzhi Assistant Professor Ph.D.,Peking University Urban Planning and City Management
YIN Cunyi Professor Ph.D.,Nankai University Regional Economics and Regional Economic Development and Policy, Economic Relations across the Taiwan Strait
YU An Professor Ph.D.,Peking University Administrative Law, WTO Legal Issues, Government Procurement 
YU Qiao Professor Ph.D.,Michigan State University Public Management, Economics, Public Finance
YU Yongda Professor MA, Jilin University International Economy, Economic Cooperation and Friction, Enterprise Innovations and Multi-National Operation
ZHANG Yanbin Assistant Professor Ph.D.,University of Sheffield Political Science, Political Economy, International Political Economy