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JIA Xijin


Associate Professor

Ph.D., Peking University

Areas of Research: Civil Society and Governance; Citizen Participation; Strategic Management

Course Offered: Strategy Management, State and Civil Society.

Deputy Director of NGO Research Center in SPPM

Email: xijinj@163.com


Education Background:
£¿ Doctor of Law, Peking University,2001. Major in Sociology
£¿ Master of Medicine, Beijing Medical University,1998,Major in Psychiatry
£¿ Bachelor of Medicine, Beijing Medical University, Major in Clinical Medicine


Courses Provided:
£¿ Strategic Management for Public and The Third Sector
£¿ State and Civil Society
£¿ Ethics in Public Management


Research Programs:
£¿ Civil Society in China
£¿ Civil Society Index: global comparative study
£¿ Model of Citizen Participation
£¿ NGO and Political Participation
£¿ Building Relationships between Third Sector and Government
£¿ Comparative Study on NGO-government Relationship among Post-communist Countries: China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Vietnam
£¿ Regulation System on Think Tanks in China
Other Research on Mass Groups, Trade Promotion Association, Labor Union, Immigrant Workers, Foundations, Non-profit schools and hospitals,etc.
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