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LI Yingbo

Assistant Professor      

Ph.D., China Agricultural University

Areas of Research: Regional Economics and Cross-Costal industry cooperation

Email: Liyingbo@tsinghua.edu.cn


Curriculum Vitae
Date: January 10, 2011
¡¾Office Address¡¿
914 (Sixth Building ) School of Public Policy and Management
Tsinghua University
1#, TsinghuaYuan Road
Beijing, 100084
Fax: 86-10-62779666, liyingbo@tsinghua.edu.cn
Industrial Policy
Innovation and resource allocation
Regional governance
China¡¯s reform in the transition of public management
B.A., China Agriculture University, in Management engineering, 2000
Ph.D., China Agriculture University, Economics and Management, 2005
¡¾Fellowships and Awards ¡¿
[1]Postdoctoral researcher, School of Public Policy and management, Tsinghua University, 2005-2007
[2]Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy and management, Tsinghua University, 2007-2010
[3]Associate Professor, School of Public Policy and management, Tsinghua University, 2010 to present
[4]Visiting professor, Research center of Arts & Social Science in Guangxi Province, 2007 to present
[5]Awards of National Informatization Outstanding Research in China, 2007
[6]Awards of Outstanding Research of Taiwan issues in China, 2010
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¡¾Monograph and books¡¿
[1] Li Yingbo, The allocation of innovation resource allocation: mechanism, pattern and path-selection, Economics and Science Publishing House, 2009
[2] Li Yingbo, The development of China agricultural information service system, Chinese Economic Publishing House, 2006
[3] Second co-author, Research university and regional innovation system, Tsinghua University Publishing House, 2008
¡¾Research Projects¡¿
Preside (some selected)
[1] National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, Standardization and acceleration of social intermediaries, 2009
[2] China Postdoctoral research foundation, Mechanism and countermeasures of innovation resource allocation based on optimal information structure, 2006
[3] The government of Xuzhou, Industrial cooperation in solar photoelectricity for Xuzhou and Taiwan, 2009
[4] China Science and Technology Exchange Center, Statistical analysis of scientific communication and collaboration between Mainland China and Taiwan, 2009