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LIU Qinglong


PhD, Tsinghua University

Areas of Research: Social development and policy; government public relations

Email: qinglong@tsinghua.edu.cn




Basic Background:

Born in Beijing in 1952. Doctor of Law Science of Tsinghua University. Professor of the School of Public Policy & Management Tsinghua University.


Research Directions:

Governmental administration; public relationship and the administration of the governmental images; electronic government; social development and the community construction.


Courses taught:

Governmental public relations; public administration; electronic government; the theory of sociology; research methods of social sciences.


Has given lectures many times for CPC cadres and officials of the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Public Health and the State Administration of Post and Telecommunications, and CPC cadres and enterprise supervisors of Hebei, Wuhan, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Jinan, Harbin and Urumqi.


Academic Results:

Chief editor of books “Social Policies of China”, “Social Security in China”, “Social Work in China”, “An Introduction to the Electronic Government”, “The Practice and Exploration of China’s Electronic Government”. Participated in writing and editing textbooks “Science of Public Relations” and “Public Relations in Hospitals”.


His theses recently published include “Argument and Analysis of Electronic Administrative Affairs and Electronic Government”, “Rational Thinking on Establishing the Lab of Electronic Government”, “Electronic Government and the Shift of the Government’s Functions”, “Study on the Testing and Evaluation on the Internet Portals of China’s Local Governments”, “The Image of the Government ? an Important Area of the Expansion of the Public Relations in the 21st Century”, “Problems and the Solution Planning on the Digital Administration of China’s Urban Communities”, “On Community Culture and Its Role in the Community Construction”, “Problems on the Property Management and Countermeasures Analysis in Mainland of China” and “A Brief Argument on the University Images ? the Position of Ideals and Realism”.


Has engaged in many research projects entrusted by the State Foundation of Social Sciences, Beijing Municipal Government, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Public Health.


Part-time titles of the society:

Director of China Politics Society; director of the Council of Electronic Government; member of the Academic Committee of China Society of Public Relationships; member of the Academic Committee of China Society of International Public Relations; the standing director of the Teaching and Research Society of China Public Relations and director of China Social Investigation and Research Society.



Address: Qinghuayuan, Beijing 100084, China

Telephone: (86-10)62797181; (86)13611003051

E-mail: qinglong@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn