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Assistant Professor at School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University
Political Economy, Comparative Public Policy, Social Policy, Quantitative Methods
¡¾Course taught¡¿
Comparative Public Policy (PhD program); Sociology and Social Policy (MID program)
Doctor of Philosophy in Social Policy (Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford)
Master of Science in Public Policy and Administration (Research) (Department of Government, London School of Economics and Political Science)
Bachelor of Management in Urban Economics (Yuanpei College, Peking University)
¡¾Research Project¡¿
2016-2018, Principal Investigator, National Social Science Foundation of China, ¡°Coordination Mechanisms for Public Pension, Labor Market Policy, and Family Policy¡±.
2016-2018, Principal Investigator, Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program, ¡°Female Labor Force Participation and Total Fertility Rate: the Micro-foundation of the Making of Family Policy in China¡±.
¡¾Academic Employment¡¿
Assistant Professor at School of Public Policy and Management, Tsinghua University (2015 - present).
Research Assistant to Dr Adam Saunders (Principal Investigator) on the research project The Impact of Institutions on Human Capital and Iequality: Extending the Comparative Analysis to the Case of China, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford (2013 ¨C July 2015). The project is funded by a British Academy ¨C Leverhulme Small Research Grant, awarded by the British Academy and co-sponsored by the Leverhulme Trust. It is an extension of Dr Saunders¡¯s larger ongoing research project The Implications of Welfare State Reforms for Human Capital and Skills, which is funded by the British Academy.